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Monday, 25 February 2013

Hysterical Minds 12.0 Substantia - Review

Hysterical Minds is back again with their latest online exhibition titled Substantia. In my eyes when ever a new Hysterical Minds event is announced I always find myself losing sleep with excitement till they finally show off all their hard work to the public.

So how did Substantia stack up to my expectations? Very well indeed, in fact as per usual all of my expectations were exceeded. Truth be told Hysterical Minds is the only site that makes me feel like I am walking in an art gallery.

I highly encourage you to visit the site yourself as there are some exquisite images, videos, and movies. To get through the whole thing and really appreciate it you will probably need around about one to two hours but it is time well spent. Here is the link


The show boasts 74 pieces of work including music, video, mixed media, vector, digital art, and traditional art. Non of the work feels like it is filling space and everything deserves your attention. There are some delightfully dark and disturbing images in this show like that of ArtFreck favourite Liransz. She does have competition for most disturbing image as Abraham Balcazar produced the disgustingly warped Tengo Sed. If you never want to sleep again check out Both Tengo Sed and The Face Of All Your Fears back to back.

Show stealer in my opinion goes to the short video The White Cat Watches by Dumaker & Iorch. The video is of a point and click game but the atmosphere it generates is very well executed. Creepy and tense this is a must watch.

They only had one vector image this time around but Gauso's work looks fantastic regardless. Fantasy Hunter is a colourful imaginative piece that deserves attention.

Final Impression:
Again this is one of the best online exhibitions around so it is a must see. Make time out in your day to view this. I cannot wait till the next show.

Once again here is the link to Hysterical Minds 12.0 Substantia

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